The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much! James 5:16

Those to Remember in Our Prayers

Friends and Family

Doris King, sister of Kenny Phillips, fell recently and crushed her ankle. She will undergo surgery and then rehab soon. Eva Hunter, sister of Tommy McDuffie, is on dialysis regularly and it is very hard on her body. Julia Smith, friend of the Britton family that attends at the Central Union church of Christ in Monroe, NC, is being treated for cancer.
David Bean, son of Mildred Bean, is still undergoing dialysis but has improved greatly. Billy Berrier, brother-in-law of Ginger Stockton, is dealing with various health issues and would like the prayers of the church. Michelle Stanley, friend of the Downs' family, has Crohn's Disease and various other health issues and would like the prayers of the church.
Anthony Trent, brother of Rusty Trent, has stage 4 black lung. Terry Hobbs, co-worker of Mark Britton, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Annette Meador, wife of a co-worker of Michael Hinesley, underwent surgery for cancer and following the surgery more cancer was found. Please pray that they can treat this cancer.
James Cockerham, Sr., father of James Cockerham, has improved but still struggles with various health issues. Kermit Pierce, friend of Nancy Sink, has cancer and has requested prayers on his behalf. Chris Coble, friend of the Christie family, is dealing with liver failure and retaining fluid. He needs a liver transplant but they must get the fluid gone first. He is only in his 50's and has a wife and teenage son. Please keep the entire family in your prayers.
Tom Ficcio, co-worker of Michael Hinesley, has been losing his eyesight and his condition has become considerably worse. He is now dealing with a bacterial infection in his eyes. Crystal Truell, co-worker of Wanda Cline & Misty Hinesley, has been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and has requested prayers. Easton Schlein, young son of friends of the Downs' family, is dealing with various health issues since his birth and has undergone several procedures.
Janie Lanning, sister of Mary Kossel, is having problems with her kidneys. Blake Shore, young son of Amber & Adam Shore, friends of the Hinesley's, has tuberous Sclerosis and also suffers from epileptic seizures.  
Church Family
Andra Holt is now undergoing radiation treatments. Ron Stockton continues to struggle with various health issues. John Caudle continues to deal with several health issues and deals with a lot of pain in his back and not doing well. Also keep Ruby, his wife, in your prayers as she is his primary caregiver.
Elaine Orman continues to struggle with various health issues. Please continue to remember our elder and those that are sick and shut-in in your prayers. Cold and flu season has arrived and we have several of our church family as well as extended family that are dealing with one of not both of these.