The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much! James 5:16

Those to Remember in Our Prayers

Friends and Family

Gwenda Adkins, sister of Lavona Monk, has sustained serious injuries to her face and neck while in a nursing home. Randy Holbrook, co-worker of Tiffany Christie, has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and has requested prayers of the church. The doctors think that the cancer is treatable. Priscilla Cullison, sister of Susan Thomas, has been diagnosed with cancer in her left lung.
Chuck Thompson, relative of Vivian Yokley, had a double-lung transplant and following the surgery he did not wake up as expected. He is now in ICU and on dialysis and most likely will have to have his left foot amputated. Bekah Thorburn, former student of Sheri Maynard from Ledford, was seriously injured in a near fatal single car accident. She was not discovered until several hours after the accident and suffered multiple broken bones, severe leg and arm wounds and has undergone multiple surgeries. Bekah is now at home and will be undergoing therapy at home. Sandy Spikes and Elsie Motlow, both friends of Carolyn Spurrier, have both recently suffered a stroke and they are not doing well.
Virgie Sherritt, sister of James Cockerham is on dialysis. Matthew Higgins, a young sheriff's deputy, is in stage 4 of a rare form of bladder cancer. Please prayer for him and his family. Debbie Pedrazzi, member of the church of Christ in Boise, ID, has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Also pray for David, her husband.
Brandon Rowell, grandson of a friend of Carol Atkins was in a serious motorcycle accident recently and had to undergo surgery and will be hospitalized for some time. Patricia Weaver, daughter of Margaret Kings, a friend of Virginia Sherman, has a very aggressive form of brain cancer. If she does not opt to undergo chemotherapy she may have 3 months and with chemotherapy possibly a year. Lee Florence, father of Dixie Black, is not doing well at this time and prayers have been requested on his behalf.
Jenny, daughter of Roy & Virginia Sherman is recovering from surgery following an accident. She is now at home resting and improving. Donnie Dunn, friend of the Cockerham family from Ohio, is struggling with diabetes and heart problems and recently had all of his toes removed. Liberty McCloud, a teenage girl that attends often with the Kivett family, is having some family difficulties and needs prayers.
Anthony Trent, brother of Rusty Trent, has stage 4 black lung disease but recently was hospitalized with blood clots that went to his lungs. His condition has improved slightly and he is doing some better. Bill Britton, uncle of Mark Britton, is in the 3rd stage of lung cancer and not doing well. Janet Work, mother of Robert Kivett's brother-in-law, has stage 4 lung and stomach cancer and will undergo chemotherapy.
Janie Lanning, sister of Mary Kossel, is having problems with her kidneys. Blake Shore, young son of Amber & Adam Shore, friends of the Hinesley's, has tuberous Sclerosis and also suffers from epileptic seizures. Eva Hunter, sister of Tommy McDuffie, is on dialysis regularly and it is very hard on her body.
Church Family
Ginger and Ron Stockton are both dealing with various health issues. Ginger is seeing a doctor for severe back pain and may have surgery and Ron will be fitted for a TEN for his back and may have surgery to remove excessive skin over his eyes to improve his vision. John Caudle continues to deal with several health issues and deals with a lot of pain in his back and not doing well. Also keep Ruby, his wife, in your prayers as she is his primary caregiver. Dixie Black is dealing with a pinched nerve and underwent a procedure recently on her back.
Renard Edwards is dealing with a chest cold as well as a few others in our congregation. Nancy Cockerham is having problems with her back. Please keep our young people in your prayers as they travel back to college.
Elaine Orman continues to struggle with various health issues. Please continue to remember our elder and those that are sick and shut-in in your prayers.