The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much! James 5:16

Those to Remember in Our Prayers

Friends and Family

Claude Pharr, minister at the North Main Street church of Christ in Mocksville is currently in Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center after being diagnosed with acute myeloma leukemia. He has finished his first round of intense chemotherapy treatments and test results show that he will need another round of treatments and also have to make some decision pertaining to the treatments. Davis Varner, infant nephew of a co-worker of Andrew Kivett, had surgery to remove a brain tumor. Please keep Davis and his family in your prayers. Michelle Stanley, friend of the Downs' family, has Crohn's Disease and various other health issues and would like the prayers of the church.
Owen Sevy, former member at Lexington, is having circulation issues in his right foot and they are planning to insert artificial veins to improve the blood flow and if that is unsuccessful, they will have to amputate the foot to just below the knee. Eva Hunter, sister of Tommy McDuffie, is on dialysis regularly and it is very hard on her body. Annette Meador, wife of a co-worker of Michael Hinesley, underwent surgery for cancer and following the surgery more cancer was found. Please pray that they can treat this cancer.
Sue McGee, neighbor of Samantha Peters, is recovering from surgery on her knee after falling and shattering her knee and fracturing her ankle Terry Hobbs, co-worker of Mark Britton, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Blake Shore, young son of Amber & Adam Shore, friends of the Hinesley's, has tuberous Sclerosis and also suffers from epileptic seizures.
Anthony Trent, brother of Rusty Trent, has stage 4 black lung. Kermit Pierce, friend of Nancy Sink, has cancer and has requested prayers on his behalf. Easton Schlein, young son of friends of the Downs' family, is dealing with various health issues since his birth and has undergone several procedures.
Janie Lanning, sister of Mary Kossel, is having problems with her kidneys.    
Church Family
Brenda Hazel is home from the hospital but is continues to deal with several health issues. Betty Maynard has been dealing with some back problems and not able to be up and about very much. John Caudle continues to deal with several health issues and deals with a lot of pain in his back and not doing well. Also keep Ruby, his wife, in your prayers as she is his primary caregiver.
Kenny Phillips' and family are struggling at this time. His sister, Doris King, is slowly recovering from a crushed ankle; his sister, Elsie, is struggling with dementia; and his youngest brother, Hoyt, recently had a seizure and is recovering at a hospital in Roanoke, VA. James Cockerham is scheduled to have back surgery in April. Elaine Orman continues to struggle with various health issues.
Please prayer for those of our number that may still be dealing with various illness and also those that may be travelling. Ron Stockton continues to struggle with various health issues. Please continue to remember our elder and those that are sick and shut-in in your prayers.