The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much! James 5:16

Those to Remember in Our Prayers

Friends and Family

Eva Hunter, sister of Tommy McDuffie, is on dialysis and is bak in the hospital. When she goes into the hospital Tommy has to help out with the family while she is hospitalized. Annette Meador, wife of a co-worker of Michael Hinesley, recently had surgery to remove 6-8 inches of her bowels due to cancer/tumors. The doctors have said this is a "chronic disease" which means it will reoccur. She will also be undergoing chemotherapy. Heather Conley, niece of Susan Thomas, is scheduled to have surgery for a brain tumor.
Dorothy Humphrey, sister of Virginia Sherman, recently went to the hospital and they have discovered that she has the beginning of an aneurysm in her brain. She will soon visit a brain surgeon for a definitive solution. Evelyn Smith, 95-year-old grandmother of Crystal Fortini, is recovering from a recent mild heart attack. Mozel Scarlett, sister of Ellera Lambeth, is now in the care of Hospice.
David Garcia, friend of the Downs' family that lives in San Diego, CA, has stage 4 thyroid cancer. Elizabeth (Beth) Bunting, co-worker/friend of Tammy Downs, has breast cancer in both breasts. Virgie Sharrett, sister of James Cockerham, is awaiting a kidney transplant and has potentially 3 donor matches and the doctors are in the process of determining which is the best match.
Chuck Thompson, relative of Gary and Vivian Yokley, is recovering from surgery to amputate a portion of his leg and also awaiting a kidney transplant. Bekah Thorburn, former student of Sheri Maynard from Ledford, was seriously injured in a near fatal single car accident. Bekah is now at home and will be undergoing therapy at home. Priscilla Cullison, sister of Susan Thomas, has lung cancer and is undergoing radiation treatments.
Lee Florence, father of Dixie Black, is not doing well at this time and prayers have been requested on his behalf. Randy Holbrook, co-worker of Tiffany Christie, has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and has requested prayers of the church. The doctors think that the cancer is treatable. Debbie Pedrazzi, member of the church of Christ in Boise, ID, has a brain tumor. Also pray for David, her husband.
Anthony Trent, brother of Rusty Trent, has stage 4 black lung disease. Matthew Higgins, a young sheriff's deputy, is in stage 4 of a rare form of bladder cancer. Please prayer for him and his family. Janie Lanning, sister of Mary Kossel, is having problems with her kidneys.
Blake Shore, son of Amber & Adam Shore, friends of the Hinesley's, has tuberous Sclerosis and also suffers from epileptic seizures.    
Church Family
Our condolences go to the family of Robert Kivett. Brother Kivett passed away on Monday, January 14th, at Hospice of Davidson County following a short illness. Please keep Brother Kivett's family and friends in your prayers as they deal with the loss of their loved one. Nelson Maynard is at home resting following successful surgery on January 17th. He is now waiting on test results to determine if he will need further treatments. Beth Monk is experiencing chest pains and shortness of breath and the doctors are trying to determine the cause of her chest pains.
Marion Carr received a shot in her left hip on January 15th and is walking with a cane. Jody Kivett has a fractured in her foot following a car accident and will be receiving treatment soon. Libby Freedle has had a setback from her eye surgery and was to meet with the doctor last week to find out the next step in her treatment.
Larry Carr is still in pain but doing some better following an injection in his back. James Cockerham continues to recover from back surgery. John Caudle continues to deal with several health issues and deals with a lot of pain in his back and not doing well. Also keep Ruby, his wife, in your prayers as she is his primary caregiver.
Ron Stockton is scheduled to have surgery to remove a kidney stone sometime this month. Elaine Orman continues to struggle with various health issues. It is once again cold and flu season and many are dealing with these issues.
Please continue to remember our elder and those that are sick and shut-in in your prayers.